Over the last few  years Nepalese workers are in high demand in the international market. International employers want Nepalese workers to fulfill the requirement of workers. The main reason behind this is because of the following reasons:

-Nepalese workers are renowned for loyal, honest and hardworking nature.

-Nepalese workers perform their task as their responsibility.

-All kinds of workers (skilled, semi skilled and unskilled) are available on an immediate basis and their hiring cost is lower than other labor exporting countries.

-Nepalese workers work productively and efficiently in a disciplined way.

-Nepalese workers can work in any extreme climatic condition.

-Nepalese workers are peace loving, extremely loyal to their employers and devoted to their duties.

-Nepal is situated very close to the labor importing countries and linked by air with most of all the major cities of the world.

-Nepalese workers can communicate with Hindi and English language.

-As compared to other manpower exporting countries, Nepalese workers can work in any field in any favorable situation.


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